Expo: Hello World

Almost there…

Only a couple of nights of sleep.

Exhibition ‘ Hello World’, is an exhibition in which 8 children’s book illustrators from Apeldoorn (the Netherlands) are exhibitng their work.
It will start on Sunday 7th of October 2012 at 13:00 o’clock in the H10a Gallery in Apeldoorn.
Here you can find more info about the opening (Dutch)

Yesterday we started to build up our displays. Here is a little sneak preview. Gisteren was de opbouw. Hier een kleine sneak preview.

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New Book: Waldo & Woody go to school.

NEW BOOK! Waldo & Woody go to school.

This book was made for Uitgeverij Lannoo in collaboration with author Tine Mortier.
It will be available for purchase in the Dutch book shops next week!

Waldo goes to school.
He puts all his stuff in his backpack: an apple, a notebook and a pencil.
Did he forget something? Do you see what is happening? Have you seen Woody the dog on each print