title: Waldo & Woody go to school
client: Uitgeverij Lannoo
author: Tine Mortier
ISBN: 9789401401562
Waldo goes to school.
He puts all his stuff in his backpack: an apple, a notebook and a pencil.
Did he forget something? Do you see what is happening? Have you seen Woody the dog on each print?

title: De prinses die droomde van aardbeien (The princess who dreamed of strawberries)
client: Tineke Toet, Hoe vertel ik het
ISBN: 9789081893305
““How do I tell them” is an unique children’s book series that covers difficult and emotional subjects with a modern fairytale. It helps explaining certain situations to your kids. The first book is called ‘The princess that dreamed of strawberries’. It tells a story about divorcing parents. This book can be purchased on the website of Tineke Toet: www.hoevertelikhet.nl

title: Thuis in Rotterdam West (At home in Rotterdam West)
idea and composition: Margi Geerlinks
photography: Margi Geerlinks
author: Pieter van Oudheusden
design: David Louf
ISBN: 9789081857208
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In words and pictures this book tells about special people and places in Rotterdam West. For example the special story of Mister Rafiek the tailor, or the story of Brenda and her pony Dolly. And don’t forget the story about the ballet school of the legendary dance pioneer from Rotterdam called Stalusa Pera.

title: Ik lieg nooit tegen jou (I would never lie to you)
client: uitgeverij Zwijssen
author: Rian Visser
ISBN: 9789048708109
‘I would never lie to you’, said Jody. ‘I would never lie to you too’, said Mei-Lan. The two girls do everything together in real life, and also in their computer game. But then Jody does something she shouldn’t have done. Mei-Lan is angry. What should Jodi do about it?

title: Sprookjesletters, een ABC boek (Fairytale letters, an ABC book)
client: uitgeverij Clavis
author: Annemarie van den Brink
An unique ABC book with 26 stories in rhyme. Children can learn the 26 letters of the alphabet in a playful matter.

title: Mijn koffer vol boeken (My suitcase full of books)
client: uitgeverij Gottmer
ISBN: 9789025749835
Cover design for ‘Mijn koffer vol boeken’.
I am going to travel and I will bring with me… 7 beautiful picture books and one activity book. The book are all paperback are pre-packed in a beautiful, multifunctional briefcase.

title: Kaboutervoetbal (gnome soccer)
client: uitgeverij Gottmer
author: Lida Dijkstra
ISBN: 9025746802
Gnome Nout doesn’t want to play soccer, but daddy wants it so badly. And daddy also wants Nout to be very good at soccer as well. So every soccer game, daddy is shouting instructions at little Nout from the sideline. And Nout? Well, he is actually way too busy with all the other things that happen around him. If he accidentally gets hit with a soccer ball on his head he scores. And he is even more surprised then his father. But does this make him a good soccer player? Maybe daddy should go and play ‘daddy soccer’ in stead.

title: Haan Kip en Hoen
client: uitgeverij Gottmer
author: Rian Visser
ISBN: 9789025747855
Door de drie verschillende leesniveaus is dit koffertje de ideale start voor beginnende lezertjes.

title: of course!
opdracht: cover en binnenwerk illustraties voor lesmethode Havo en VWO
client: KIMMIC voor Uitgeverij Malmberg

title: Ik verveel mij niet boek
idee en samenstelling: Margi Geerlinks voor Kunsthal Rotterdam
fotografie: Margi Geerlinks
author: Pieter van Oudheusden
Museum doe-boek voor de Kunsthal n.a.v. een destijds lopende expositie
speciaal gemaakt voor kinderen.